tasty, simple rice crisps with a uniquely Asian twist

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Our Story


We both love Asian food, but we have never been able to find an Asian snack that we felt good about feeding the whole family. Most snacks in the store were boring, bland or filled with GMOs, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. We always dreamed of creating something ourselves.

When Kevin was a little boy, his grandmother who he called Bachan, was an amazing cook. She never wrote down recipes and was known for making the most delicious sushi around. As a special treat, Bachan would sprinkle furikake seasoning - seaweed and toasted sesame - on top of Kevin’s rice, which he always looked forward to. 

This fond memory inspired Kevin to put his years of food scientist experience to work. Kevin spent months trying different recipes and versions.  Finally, he combined furikake seasoning with a crunchy rice creating the perfect snack. Kevin also created other flavors inspired by favorite Asian dishes. Munchworthy rice crisps help him pay respect to Bachan who first inspired him to be an expert food scientist.


Just Simple Ingredients


We wanted to make a snack that we felt good about eating, so we only use simple ingredients you can pronounce. Because who wants to eat artificial flavors or colors anyway?

Meet Toasted Sesame, Korean BBQ,

Furikake (dried seaweed & toasted sesame) & Wasabi

“Great flavor and texture.
Totally satisfying.” 

- Cynthia -


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